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Contemporary jewellery, ethically handmade in Norfolk, UK.

Jess Jones - Fawn And Rose founder
What we do
I make minimalist, modern jewellery for everyday wear. Every item is handmade in my workshop in Norwich so each piece is unique.

Who we are

Fawn and Rose was started by me, Jess, in 2011, becoming an official online store in 2015. I’m a photographic arts Graduate originally from Brighton, now located in Norwich in the UK.

Our values

At the forefront of my design is the goal of reducing my environmental impact whilst creating beautiful, timeless pieces of jewellery. 

I opt for minimal design to increase the rewear possibilities of my collections, from classic, elegant necklaces to stackable rings, the styling options are endless.

Where possible all materials are responsibly sourced. I use eco silver in many of my products which is manufactured from recycled silver from the gift, jewellery and electronics industries. For more information on the materials used please see individual products or email info@fawnandrose.co.uk.

My packaging is all responsibly sourced from UK or EU manufacturers. All jewellery boxes and packing boxes are FSC certified. My packing tape is compostable, recyclable, vegan, plastic-free and made with natural rubber based adhesive. Tissue paper is used to protect some items and this is recyclable and compostable. Finally, my stickers are recyclable or compostable.



For wholesale enquires, please email info@fawnandrose.co.uk

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